No matter what the question ..

The answer is within you.


welcome to Refined in Fire coaching

Does this resonate with you?

You’ve done it all…. except you feel there is something missing.

You are a go-getter. You have achieved — or even OVER achieved. By outside measures you are a success.

But inside, you may feel unfulfilled, disconnected, burned out or stuck. 

Your relationships may lack the depth that you’d like or are dysfunctional. 

You may be in physical distress or jeopardy — suffer with anxiety, low self-esteem, chronic pain or addiction.  

There is a way to bring wholeness and balance to your journey.

Through the transformative process of Gestalt, you can move yourself forward to be in balance in all parts of your life.  The refiners fire is roaring. Now is the time to let the coals purify and renew as you Forge Your Best Life.

Through our Gestalt process, you will dig deep and gain clarity, invest in yourself, complete unfinished business, remove limiting beliefs, shift your relationships, and rise from the fire stronger, more empowered, and step into the authentic you, the one you were meant to be.

what is equine gestalt coaching

How Gestalt and Horses Can Change Your Life

Horses don’t hold onto things the way we do. They are a walking expression of how finding resolution and completing unfinished business can bring you peace and allow you to move forward without reservation.

Horses bring us grounding — they encourage us to stay in the present moment. They always show up as their authentic selves.

Gestalt is an experiential form of deep healing. Horses add an enriching and empowering layer to your personal growth. Combining horses with gestalt, the Equine Gestalt Coaching process offers you the opportunity for both profound awareness and change.


Meet Your Coach

Kim Lex, Equine Gestaltist

I will walk into the fire with you.

I will hold compassionate and loving space for you.

I will encourage and support the authentic you.

I am a Certified Equine Gestaltist, having completed an intensive two-year program through the Touched by a Horse program in Elizabeth, Colorado. This program gave me hands-on experience in assisting people to resolve their trauma, complete unfinished business, overcome limiting beliefs and create balance in their lives.

Professionally, I have been a farrier (horse podiatrist) for 17 years. In my farrier business I specialize in working with complex cases. Horses have always been part of my life.

I, too, have been refined in fire.


What They Say

“Kim is such a heart-centered coach who connects deeply with her clients. She has a deep understanding of horses and their healing powers. Kim’s authenticity and humility creates such a safe space for her clients to examine their lives.”

Michelle S.

“Kim has a very calm, relaxed presence that creates a safe, non-judgmental space to help others. She has an enormous heart to help people and horses.”

Brandy H.

“Kim holds a bold yet calm and inviting presence while coaching! Kim creates a safe space for her clients to explore anything that is coming up for them, past or present. Kim listens deeply and cares tremendously. It truly was a honor to experience. I would highly recommend Kim as a coach.”

Ralynn F.

“Coach Kim has a huge heart and huge healing energy. I have seen her and her horse bring clarity and healing to my friends in a big way. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance to relieve from struggles.”

Lizette L.

Come On Over

We see you. We hear you. We want to know you.